Here is an overview of the projects currently on my plate and those that may be dormant. The status should tell you where each project stands.


The apps hopefully will soon help fund my work and help people with very specific needs. I don’t want to shackle myself by being too narrow with what I create, but from a technology point, I have to focus a little, so all commercial apps will be released for Apple platforms only for the time being.

Cadence Check (Working Title)

An app using check lists to help you ensure all steps have been taken for a given procedure. This is not a todo app. Rather an implementation of Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto. I have researched heaps of documents regarding check lists in various professions. Target audiences: Professionals, people seeking mental stability support, everyone who ever felt they needed better checklists.

In Development (ETA: 01-2024)

Open Source

Unless otherwise noted, I release all Open Source projects with an ISC license.


An opinionated project template for 11ty that includes everything to create a hypermedia site. This will be basically a clean up of this website project, packaged into a Github project template, ready to roll the next website. Target audiences: myself and people interested to implement hypermedia with 11ty.

Extracting for separate Release (ETA: End of 09-2023)


Another opinionated project template for 11ty, this time specifically for app landing pages. Aimed at indie developers of native apps, who moonlight as web developers only for a web presence for their app. I want to make it as easy as possible, providing good defaults and customisation options.

In Design (ETA: 10-2023)


This is not one but several projects. While working on my site, I noticed that I could use some functionality that is currently not provided via plugins. For now it’s hardcoded into my setup, but for the sake of my own sanity, everything should become a plugin.

Considering/Conceptual (ETA: TBD)


Returning to the daunting and rewarding experience of writing a book. While I was contemplating what to do with this site and who would benefit from it, I came up with the idea of looking at various roles I myself and other Indies might moonlight in, in order to get their product out. Maybe the start of a series? Who knows…

Moonlighting Product Management

While I’m working on my R&D projects, I notice that some product management practices, while often used to simplify communication & documentation for a wider audience, have a value for solo projects as well, since you put things down on (virtual) paper and are forced to look at your product from different angles. Some procedures might be an overkill that you can’t afford to do. Still others are very valuable, but need a different implementation for Indies and solo creators (looking at you, portfolio management).

First chapters in Draft