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Recent Eleven

  1. Weeknotes 2024.16 →

    Had an abomination of a week with a sudden loss of a revenue stream. Hence scrambled to accelerate other potential revenue streams. Links include topics such as the reality of AI adoption, internals of the JSR, internals of ‘Hello World’, open source, privacy and an article on Dewey, the system and the person

  2. Weeknotes 2024.15 →

    I needed more Swift programming in my week. Redis aftermath and XZ backdoor dominated tech news a bit. Still we got a few perils of AI, more Swift in more places, and the resurrection of Diablo II.

  3. Weeknotes 2024.14 →

    Obsidian is taking over my notes and my Excalidraw sketches. DNS continues to be my foot-gun of choice. Lots of engineering links this week, with the usual regulatory and security bits thrown in.

  4. Weeknotes 2024.13 →

    While working on a prototype, I was reminded how valuable a product glossary can be. Elsewhere we have AI and the hardware for it, a couple of severe vulnerabilities, the intersection of IT and law, another Excel horror story, a bit of nice engineering and the memo of the century.

  5. Weeknotes 2024.12 →

    I was able to post something, even though the reason was nothing to cheer about. I take what I can get. Elsewhere it’s databases all the way, Figma shares more engineering stories and plenty more links.

  6. On Mental Health →

    Since I have written in past weeknotes when I struggle with my mental health, I thought it might be beneficial for some going through similar stretches to see how I deal with it. Plus, it gives others transparency as to why my progress has not been that overwhelming recently

  7. Weeknotes 2024.11 →

    Research and admin dominated the week. Linked topics include Swift, JavaScript, DataViz, Data Journalism, AI, UI, Petulant Corporations, Scientific Breakthroughs and potential loss of those, and finally the benefit of a second language.

  8. Weeknotes 2024.10 →

    Last week saw workflow changes and additions to my tech stack. Elsewhere the Node.js community gives us a case study in product management, Figma shows us their engineering crits, Apple is Apple, Meta is Meta, and GitHub is suffering from a new type of attack.

  9. Weeknotes 2024.09 →

    Mostly the linklog this time, due to a nasty flu last week. Link topics include CSS, Swift, AI, Swift & AI, PGlite, and naughty vending machines.

  10. Weeknotes 2024.08 →

    Last week was focused on client work (i.e. research and workshop) and a bit of branding. Topics that peaked my interest elsewhere were Databases, Antithesis, AI’s deployment problem and a few other things.

  11. Weeknotes 2024.07 →

    Loads of rethinking happening in the industry, jQuery 4 and the first WWDC prediction!