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  1. Weeknotes Early Summer Break

    Weeknotes go on a break for a few weeks. Mental health took a nose dive recently, so I will take the necessary time to get back up and refocus.

  2. Weeknotes 2024/26

    The big three topics this week were: post-shame society, regulation of technology, and information vetting becomes more important than ever. That Matt Levine quote and someone angrily questions the AI hype by an industry that still fails on much more mundane stuff.

  3. Weeknotes 2024/25

    Last week the WWDC and Apple Intelligence were of some focus; Microsoft recalled Recall, since security >> AI; everybody is looking for an AI icon; Stable Diffusion Horror; AI in Software Engineering; Mental Models around Complexity; oh and some site developments.

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  1. On Mental Health

    Since I have written in past weeknotes when I struggle with my mental health, I thought it might be beneficial for some going through similar stretches to see how I deal with it. Plus, it gives others transparency as to why my progress has not been that overwhelming recently

  2. BackstageWorks: Quo Vadis?

    What BackstageWorks is, Now, Next, and Later.

  3. Why Swift

    Beyond the typical Swift use case as application programming language for Apple’s platforms, there is little signal that Swift is a true contender for anything else, let alone for what Rust seems to be picked almost instantly. Each of the presumptions about Swift compound over time and make it less of an option for more varied use cases and less likely that someone has really shown the capabilities of Swift in production.