About the Author

My full real name is Jörg Johann Kreß. This tells you:

It’s also a throwback to one of my favourite racing drivers from childhood (Jyrki Järvilehto) and my first stint with BMW, where JJ was firmly established as my call sign and I have fond memories of that time.


I spent 20 years, give or take, in various positions related to IT and/or innovation. To get an idea of my professional facets, here are a few facts, in no particular order:

Proper Roles I was hired for
Software Engineer, Design Engineer, UX Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Consultant (more Engelbert Strauss than Hugo Boss kind), CTO, Design Technologist, Technologist, Product Manager, Project Manager, Innovation & Change Management Consultant, Pre-Sales Engineer
(Internal) Moonlighting Roles
Sometimes through necessity, sometimes through choice, I was moonlighting within the companies I worked in the following roles: Designer, CEO, Innovation Manager, Organisation Design Expert, Operations, Delivery Pipeline Expert, DevOps Engineer, IT Operations, IT Support (aren’t we all at some point?), QA Engineer, Automation Engineer amongst other things.
Sectors I worked in
Automotive & Mobility, Medical & Pharma, Financial & Insurance, HR-Tech, Telecoms, Federal Agencies and Sector-independent Innovation Groups
Since name dropping is often the only way to get people’s attention, here we go, the companies I worked with and for:
BMW Group, incl. BMW IT, BMW Financial Services, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Mini, Rolls-Royce, DesignWorks (BMW M and BMW Motorsport were the ones who got away 🤨); Roche Diagnostics; Deutsche Börse (incl. Frankfurt Stock Exchange); Adidas; Samsung; Siemens; BNetzA (German Federal Network Agency); and a few others that have to remain confidential 🤫.


I do some very limited advisory throughout the year. These include technological, process and practices reviews, strategy advisories for tech, product & organisation, some early startup advisories and executive sparring. I’m especially well suited when you can’t quite put your finger on the challenge you face. We explore it together, ask the right questions and put together a plan to tackle the challenge.

If you're interested, please reach out via LinkedIn.