Why Eleventy

Since I have written about how Swift is my jam, it leaves an elephant in the room, which is a possum named Eleventy. It's unapologetic pure JavaScript. To me that's perfect.

If you don’t get the references in the summary, no worries, just go to 11ty.dev and look at the mascot flying in there.

Eleventy is a static site generator. There are hundreds of those around (jamstack.org lists 355 at time of writing), with many more homegrown we probably don’t know about. Some software types lend themselves to Cambrian explosions, where a vast number of developers tries their hand at creating their own thing.

It’s unapologetic JavaScript

Some outliers aside, you might be tempted to think that modern JavaScript can almost be equated with TypeScript. There are so many frameworks and libraries that started as TypeScript or moved to TypeScript that it becomes implicit peer pressure. No matter how much you say that your code can be used with both JavaScript and TypeScript, it sends a signal.

Eleventy is different. It’s modern JavaScript. Nothing more, nothing less.