Weeknotes 2024.03

This week I focused on a new project I’m working on. There are links, lots of links…

Another tough week mentally. Which is incidentally why I’m a bit late.

Technology had to take a back seat due to very disturbing revelations here in Germany. Apparently far-right politicians, right-wing extremists (aka Nazis) and a few businesses people met to discuss the displacement and deportation of people “not German enough”, whether they have a German passport or not. If this sounds very Wannsee conspiracy to you, I had the same thought. It was even taking place so close to the Wannsee villa in a similar location, you could argue it was as close as it can be without German authorities being immediately up their asses for crimes against the constitution. My take is: if each and everyone participating will not spend 20-25 years behind bars, our laws to protect us against Neo-fascist movements are not strong enough and need serious amendment.

To refocus my mind, I was seeking refuge in a few relaxing talks about creative coding, language and compiler design. And some Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which is excellent in so many ways and balm for the soul. I also reviewed a few interesting branding projects.

I’m also thinking about restructuring how I post links and move to singular links with commentary. This week will be business as usual, but let me know what you think via socials.







CES highlights

Spatial Computing

The new term for AR/VR/MR, basically any kind of computing that requires you to wear an audio-visual headset.

We’re taking bets on how long it takes for companies which have been Blockchain experts in 2021-2023 and are AI experts since 2023, to announce they are the go-to Spatial Computing experts in 2024 and forward. 😂

Other reports to note

This was a long one. Again let me know whether you would like to see individual link posts via the socials.