Weeknotes 2024.02

This week focused again on the continued refactor of this website, adding new features along the way. Two experiments were attempted and abandoned. Niklaus Wirth has passed. Notable links from AI, business, crypto(-scams), programming, security and workplace culture.

Shortly after I published the last Weeknotes, I was made aware that Niklaus Wirth had only died a day before. If you don’t know him, Pascal is probably the thing he’s best known for, but he influenced software engineering in many more ways. The following obituaries will probably show you how:


I also switched from an automatic trigger that published the website whenever something made the main branch, to a much more convenient trigger from the command line. Sometimes less automation is more.

An attempt to create a PostCSS plugin with the help of CoPilot ended up in an endless prompt loop. It wanted me to change back and forth between solutions that resulted in an error. Not diving too deep into PostCSS plugin creation in the first place was the motivation for trying it, so I abandoned it.





I don’t think that is the kind of zero trust the crypto community had in mind.



Workplace Culture