Weeknotes 2023.48

Most of last week was spent nursing a flu and a few unrelated side effects. It kept me at low energy throughout most of the weekend.

The Sam Altman and OpenAI drama came to an undramatic conclusion. Still it leaves us with questions, mainly what the heck triggered the whole thing. So far, I have only seen speculation. I think it would be in the best interest of OpenAI and their partners to be a little more transparent about it. Until then, we have rumours and predictions of the upcoming doomsday.

I’ve seen enough C++ code recently that I decided to have a general refresher just to be able to contribute code patches. It’s been a while.

Also, it’s nice to see conferences again, even if the “To watch” queue is bursting. We’ve lost some great conferences, quite a few held their last ever this year, which is a shame, but also understandable.

Finally, I noticed how soothing branding and design work is to me. I hope it will be noticeable in the result.





November seems to be typography month. I’m not complaining, I see it as a belated birthday present.



Binance is the next high profile cryptocurrency-related company with criminal senior management. Financial Times has a nice summary of who has been convicted, who is in the cross-hairs and who is still standing. Friendly reminder that fraud will find a way, if it is motivated enough. Yes, I’m sceptical about cryptocurrencies, because neither their protocols (or more generally, their technical implementation), nor their communities have been successful in the regulation and oversight that apparently is needed for every currency. Whether you like central authorities or not, they are a good last measure and easier to monitor.

  1. This is an inside joke currently in some internet bubbles, due to the latest Cadillac car names: Lyriq, Optiq, and Celestiq (boy, my type correction really didn’t like me writing those) ↩︎