On Mental Health

Since I have written in past weeknotes when I struggle with my mental health, I thought it might be beneficial for some going through similar stretches to see how I deal with it. Plus, it gives others transparency as to why my progress has not been that overwhelming recently

BackstageWorks: Quo Vadis?

What BackstageWorks is, Now, Next, and Later.

Why Swift

Beyond the typical Swift use case as application programming language for Apple’s platforms, there is little signal that Swift is a true contender for anything else, let alone for what Rust seems to be picked almost instantly. Each of the presumptions about Swift compound over time and make it less of an option for more varied use cases and less likely that someone has really shown the capabilities of Swift in production.

Innovation Red Team

I don’t know why the concept of a Red Team isn’t known and applied on a wider basis. It’s a very powerful mode to harden your business and make it more resilient to changing market conditions. You rarely see the concept being applied outside of military, intelligence and security. Maybe I inspire a few to try.

Rules vs. Spirit of Rules

I’ve recently thought a lot about our society’s relation to rules and even law. Somehow it became en vogue to err on the side of “if it’s not explicitly forbidden, it’s allowed, intention be damned”. So whenever I hear in a discussion, somebody mentioning “the intention of the rule or law” or “the spirit of the rule or law”, I listen carefully, because how they handle it, might tell more about the person and their trustworthiness than the discussed rule/law.

Hooliganism in IT

The kerfuffle around the Turbo project has again shown the toxic side of IT and left me confused as to why the announcement was controversial.

Thoughts on Bun

I played around with Bun and had way too much fun with it. It is probably one of the more exciting developments in JavaScript land and worth a look for non-JavaScript devs.

On AI Crawlers

The OpenAI web crawler has been met with some controversy. The reaction was mostly to try to block it from accessing content, esp. content behind an ineffective paywall. Let's explore whether that is even needed.


An introduction to this site, my goals with it and decisions made.